Electric Wine Opener

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Open wine bottles in style! 

Opening the next wine bottle will be as easy as drinking it! We’ve made a tool that opens even the most stubborn bottles with gentle ease to make opening the wine the least of your worry.



EFFORTLESS OPENING — Place the opener at the top of the bottle and push the button, in 7 seconds the cork is removed and the wine is ready to be poured!

NO MORE BROKEN BOTTLES — Even the most stubborn corks can be removed gently. There is no risk involved when Secuma is doing the opening.

BE READY FOR THE OCCASION — When a bottle needs to be opened it’s better to rely on technology than manual ways. Show the guests how it’s done!



Open wine bottles like it’s nothing.

Our wine opener automatically hooks and pulls the cork, all you need to do is push its buttons. In less than 7 seconds the cork will be preserved and the wine will be ready for pouring. 

It offers the safest way to open bottles without any risks evolved. Be prepared for the next gathering and show everyone how to open a bottle in the cleanest way possible.







Q: What is the Product made of?
Aluminum alloy shell and ABS transparent screw cover.

Q: What does the opener weigh?
370g (without the stopper and the pour).

Q: What are the dimensions of the opener?
A: 23*5cm. 

Q: What are the power and the voltage of the machine?
A: The power is 5W and the nominal voltage: 6V.

Q: how long are the processing and shipping times?
The processing time is 1-3 business days, the shipping time is 4-27 days depending on the countries and to know more about the shipping times HERE.

Q: What is the package including?
A: Black/Red: 1x bottle opener, 1 x foil cutter, 1 x user manual.
    Black/Red + stopper: 1x bottle opener, 1x foil cutter, 1x user manual + 1x stopper.
    Black/Red set and chargeable set: 1x bottle opener, 1x foil cutter, 1x user manual + 1x stopper + 1x pour.

*All items are not included 4* AA alkaline batteries.

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