Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Here are the best and quickest ways to keep your food fresh! 

If you are sick and tired of wasting your food and tasting very bad after taking out of the fridge and you want to preserve food for a longer time or you are crazy about bulk food purchases, our Vacuum Sealer Machine absolutely exceed your expectations.



THE IDEAL MONEY AND TIME-SAVING SOLUTION — Cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical, and faster, as you will be able to equip and organize your freezer, with fresh food ready to be defrosted and served or fresh ingredients instead of freezer-burned food filled with ice crystals which will probably end up in the trash can. 

EASY TO OPERATE — Fully automatic simple electric plug-in design with the control center placed on the top panel and soft touch digital buttons along with led indicator lights. A smart device at your family’s service! 

LAB TESTED QUALITY — Vacuum sealers preserve food up to 5 times longer than zipper baggies or containers, basically depending on the type of food. The Food Vacuum Sealer however, was subjected to specific laboratory testing to effectively increase food shelf life. 

LIGHTWEIGHT & HIGH-TECH DESIGN — durable easy-clean ABS material and portable design are perfect for home and outdoor use. With shock-absorbing cotton, quiet magnet, reducing hood. Overheat protection function And 3in1 Noise Reduction Technology, No More Noise And Safety Worries. 



 The HomeRevel Sealer is easy and convenient to use.

With a quick press to seal and touch to vacuum, poof, you have maintained the freshness of your goods. It is user friendly as the light indicator shows the progress and status of its magnificent action.

Avoid spoilage, this is a win-win solution to maintain food freshness in one go.








Q: What is the machine made of?
High-quality ABS body with two modes of sealing: single sealing and vacuum sealing.

Q: What does the machine weigh?
570g (without the power cable).

Q: What are the dimensions of the machine?
A: 355*82*65mm. the strip length is 30cm so the sealable bag width is 29cm.

Q: What are the power and the voltage of the machine?
A: The power is 80W and the voltage is 110V or 220V.

Q: how long are the processing and shipping times?
The processing time is 1-3 business days, the shipping time is 4-27 days depending on the countries and to know more about the shipping times HERE.

Q: Can frozen food bags be sealed?
A: Yes, but if there is water in the seal of the pocket, it needs to be wiped clean and then sealed.

Q: Can this sealer machine automatically seal chip bags, snack bags?
A: Yes, it can seal some handmade cookies and chocolate with ordinary plastic bags, and the sealing works well. This food vacuum sealer can extend shelf life and avoid food waste.

Q: What is the package including?
A: 1* Vacuum Sealer, 1* user manual, 10 sealing bags.


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